History shapes the present and future, architecture is no exception.

Ancient buildings have stood the test of time and are still standing strong despite whatever nature and humanity have thrown its’s way. With all the amazing historic insights these buildings offer, we at Intelligent Membranes want to use sustainable and VOC-free building materials to combine historic integrity with 21 st Century performance.

We think that buildings can be traditional, but at the same time with a higher standard of airtightness, they can become more liveable and comfortable for their occupants.

As result, we have developed a heritage range that is compatible with our air & vapour control membranes Passive Purple &  Passive Purple External

Our new Heritage products Lime Prime & Render Prime solve 2 common issues contractors and architects have on construction sites.


How do you treat lime walls before applying our airtight vapour control Passive Purple or Passive Purple External

Lime was employed in the building and construction of nearly all old buildings in Britain. An understanding of this versatile natural material is fundamental to their conservation and long-term protection.

The team were asked to help answer the old age question, how do we retrofit on construction sites for airtightness while maintaining breathability in the structure of the building fabric.

The problem with lime walls is that they need consolidating to give a firm substructure for the liquid
paint that we’re applying.


This is a hand spray/brush applied base coat to cover the lime-based substructures of grade listed buildings whilst maintaining a breathable state. It does this by fully dissolved and becoming part of the substrate, so it treats the condition of the lime as well as priming it for other materials to go on top of the substrate.


How can you dot and dab or skim plaster after using Passive Purple?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get from building contractors and architects alike.

We would say that ideally on a construction site you need to apply an adhesive layer between our membranes layer and any plasterboard partition, skim coat or screed treatment of any wall, ceiling, or floor.


Before Render Prime came out all we could do was recommend other polymers adhesives to builders that we have personally tested on Passive Purple & Passive Purple External.

Now we have developed Render Prime a substance that sits on top of Passive Purple or Passive Purple External allowing you then apply plasterboard through the dot and dab method or apply a skim coat or screed treatment depending on the job detail.

Render prime doesn’t just add a string to our bow, it also means building contractors and the
The construction management team saves time looking elsewhere for suitable polymer adhesives, and we all know how key time is when it comes to finishing building projects promptly and within budget.