An old block of apartments in Gt. Yarmouth getting a low carbon
Retrofit for a higher, cleaner living standard and reduced energy

Passive Purple has been used externally on this huge scale block of
apartments. with no margin for error and tricky details throughout,
a liquid applied airtight membrane was the only way going forward.
The building was being insulated externally and getting a whole
new façade from render to aluminium panels. With the residents
still inhabiting the building this had to be done quickly and easily
with maximum results. Being a liquid applied airtight membrane,
any cracks, gaps, and service penetration leaks in the existing
building fabric quickly became thing of the past. That and the
hundreds of Panel brackets being installed to support the new
façade going on, this Retrofit had multiple penetrations and tricky
details. Making good of the building fabric and awkward brackets
with a near on impenetrable adhesion, Passive Purple made fast
work of this great conversion, Impossible for any other method.

Being in liquid state on application, Passive Purple can be applied
onto most/any surface (See data sheets for more information) and
will find its way into all the unseeable tiny gaps and cracks all
buildings will undoubtably have. Like this old pebble dashed
façade, any rough, uneven and awkward areas are no longer an
issue, our products simply flow into these areas. We also have the
fibre reinforced Passive Purple brush, used on this particular job to
prepare the brackets by filling the larger gaps between that of the
bracket and the existing wall and also the large penetrating bolts.
A huge win and demonstration of the power of liquid products by
Intelligent Membranes.

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