We all know warm roofs and joist zones are huge areas for air leakage and extremely hard to solve this problem. This warm roof structure for luxury apartments retrofit fit onto an already existing block of apartments in Tottenham was typically the icing on the cake for detail and performance.

With the hand cut roof providing the client with multiple skylights, dormers and 360-degree turrets, this was going to be no easy task of getting the airtightness and vapour control secure and correct in a traditional method, Step forward Passive Purple! Rather than just covering the issues, Once the hand cut roof was finished, the 220mm roof rafters were filled with a layer of spray insulation supplied by Lapolla UK. The dormers, skylights and turrets
were then given some attention to detail with passive purple BRUSH before the final application of Passive Purple (spray applied) This gives this roof a complete airtight vapour control with performance like no other and getting around all of them circular details and angle’s galore this was just another simpler, easier way to get the job done right and guaranteed!

Passive Purple liquid application saves the client and user so much time and so much less strenuous labour.

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